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Founder & CEO - Mercemur , Design Director - Prodotype, Godfather - TJSMafia

About Me

Hey, Thank you for visiting my website.

I do believe that this might be a section where a part that's unknown in my professional life might be revealed here. As I am penning this down, I am trying my best to ensure that I don't brag as much I want, but I will try to put in as much information about me as I can here without any intention of bragging but actually what I have accomplished.

I did my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and completed that with a 8.35/10. From the days of beginning my Engineering, I was curious on how different stuffs worked, how products in general were manufactured, the process involved in it, and if the technical term is right, I would call myself a 'Tinkerer' because I regularly did various tear-downs of different stuff I worked on and I always built stuff from what I have learnt.

This took me on a journey of actually starting to learn Industrial Design. I designed Hydro-electric generators, powered an entire village which led the village to have permanent electric lines and electricity, I have designed furnaces leading to burn injuries, I have designed and manufactured Engines that can run on Oxy-Hydrogen and later figuring out why it is inefficient and why it might not be feasible. I won India's Top 5 Designer in the year 2016 and I won the world's top 100 Industrial Designer for the year 2019. Currently I lead leading Industrial Design teams working on very exciting projects and I professionally consult for Product UX and Operations for various National and International Product Brands.

Personally, I am an old school person typically inquisitive and keeping everything within the questionable preview of science. I strike a healthy balance between Faith and Science, but when something is downright completely illogical by commonsense, I discard it. Outside of my home, my favorite past times involve light hunting, out door trekking, camping etc., I like to cook, clean and Gardening is my good hobby. I also like to stitch and do other creative stuff. In short, my roles aren't limited and I also like to learn new stuffs.

As much as a person I am building things around the Tech world, I am as much as a person who believes that Life largely revolves around Nature and outside the Machines. I believe that Humans shouldn't try to be the Machines we created when machines are trying to be more human.

With Love,
Jason Samuel


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